Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Clits and Engorged Pussies

I don't know what it is about a nicely lubed up and erect clit that gets me going, but I absolutely love it. The Super Lesbian side of me craves the feel of it rubbing me right between my pussy lips, like a little female dick. When darkGreeny wrote about "Operation Touch My Clit", and she said "That’s right, pretend that clit is a little penis. Suck it, just like I know you can. Give me a blow job. Suck it. Suck it like you sucked off those boys in junior high. Make me come in your mouth," I had to squeeze my legs together from the sheer sexual tension I felt in my pussy.

Seeing a massive clitoris with the hood back, completely exposed for my eyes to partake in turns me on. It's the same exact response when I see a big dick. I think about how it could feel in my mouth, between my fingers, and rubbing on various parts of my body. I long to touch and experience it. I think about all of the things I could do with it that would make my partner squirm and scream with orgasm.

When I would masturbate in front of the mirror (around thirteen or fourteen), I always noted the change of my vulva. It would get darker and "puffier". My little fingers would slide all over my pussy; outside, inside, and around. Touching every feminine nook and cranny of my juicy engorged cunt. Seeing how my vaginal opening tightly hugged my chubby little index finger. Seeing how wet I would get, the more I got into masturbation and fantasy. Listening to the slurping noises I made as I rubbed myself. Feeling my legs almost buckle when I was finally hit with that delicious orgasm. I had discovered so much about myself at age. I don't know why I had a completely uninhibited attitude when it came to masturbation. It was just so exciting to shut myself in the bathroom and just touch and explore and have orgasms until I heard the familiar "Are you okay in there?" from one of my parents, and they were normally answered with a breathless "Yes!"

Despite my love for clits of the large variety, I can't say that I would ever change mine. I know just how to touch it and love it and appreciate it. It responds to my gentle caress and never leaves me unsatisfied. It's incredibly forgiving, quickly recovering when I've rubbed it raw or patiently waiting when I accidentally ignore it.

Fuck, I'm getting emotional. See? My love for my clitoris runs that deep.

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