Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interracial Relationships

I was talking to a friend today, and asked her opinion on interracial relationships. She said that she thought they were fine and didn't see a problem with them. I then asked her if she would ever date a black man. I was actually surprised that she said no. I wasn't offended. Just a little shocked that she didn't think it was a possibility.

When I asked her why, she said the patented "I wouldn't want our kids to go through ridicule or anything." That is the number one excuse I hear from people around here when it comes to interracial dating. Honestly, I would rather someone say "I just think black people are ugly" than that bullshit, because it's untrue. I've lived here for all twenty years of my life. I have always attended a public school. I can also always remember having someone of a mixed racial background in my classes. I can't, however, remember anyone picking on them because they were more lightly complected that the average black person. WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN?! I asked her, and she said "Well, I haven't seen it, but I've heard stories about mixed kids being picked on." ...really? Stop it. Kids will be kids. You could be the most beautiful and flawless child ever, and someone is going to pick on you. Skin color, especially in fucking 2010, isn't one of those things that they're going to choose as your "flaw".

One thing I've noticed, especially here, is that the DARKER you are, the bigger chance you have of being picked on. Lighter skinned girls are often considered prettier. I'm neither dark nor light, so I haven't really seen either end of the spectrum. If you're lighter, you're exotic. Throw in some "good hair" with that, and you are a top notch bitch. A dark skinned girl doesn't normally have such luck. I remember when I was a freshman in high school, and there was a darker skinned girl in my science class. One of the guys are touching her neck and she turned around and hit him (rightfully so), and he said to our teacher "Get this black beast off of me!" He was also black, just a lighter flavor. That's the first place people always go if you're darker skinned. "She's cute for a dark skinned girl", like it's some physical handicap that you're coping with well.

Anyway, my friend eventually admitted that black men just don't "do it for her", meaning she just isn't attracted to black people. Fine. That's also something I've heard. I don't think I could ever discount an entire group of people when it comes to possible partners, but if she does, then that's entirely her prerogative. I just hate that she didn't really want to "look bad", so she passed it off on not wanting her kids to have to suffer the woes of being light skinned, like it was some time of noble decision she was making.

She started to get upset and emotional... I'm not really sure why.. I guess it's always hard to have your beliefs challenged. We eventually ended the discussion and moved to something else. I don't know. I guess she was trying to avoid offending me. She knows who I am. I'm not the type of person to be easily "offended" by anything racial. It was just an interesting topic to talk about with someone who had a different opinion.

Whatever, dude. We all have our prejudices, right? We also always have exceptions to our prejudices. I hope that, if she finds someone with every possible trait that she loves, their skin color won't matter.


  1. I've never seen/heard "mixed" children get made fun of anymore than any other child would, either.

    Obviously, I am for interracial relationships. I've always been more physically attracted to black men. I can't help it. Your heart can't tell the difference between skin colors.

  2. Right? I live in the deep South, so I've seen the racism. But, seriously? That is a bullshit excuse.

    You're so right. Skin is skin. I just can't fathom why it should be an issue when it comes to love, or even sex. You also have a fat ass. Girls with big asses almost always love the sexual chocolate. ::smacks that ass::

  3. Don't out my fat ass! I think Sexual Chocolates love big asses as much as big asses love them. LOL.