Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thinking Off

I'm watching another "Strange Sex" documentary. It wasn't as interesting as the last one I saw, and I was switching back and forth, but I caught an amazingly interesting segment with a woman who made me think of Betty Dodson.

Barbara Carellas assists people in reaching orgasm. Not through genital stimulation, though. They achieve orgasm through their mind. She calls it "thinking off", which is a play off of "jacking/jilling off", I'd assume. Some people call it an "energy orgasm". Nonetheless, no genital touching is done to make you come.

The camera taped her having one of these orgasms. She was fully clothed and squirming around on the floor, moaning, arching her back, and trembling. She was INCREDIBLY vocal and ended the energy orgasm laughing hysterically and moaning loudly. From afar, it seemed fun and pleasurable. She says that some people can have an orgasm from thinking about fantasy, and with others, it's just with breathing and movement of energy.

She actually does workshops where people lay on the floor and experience these thinking orgasms. It's almost like tantric yoga. They would lay on mats, with their eyes closed, and she would talk them through to their orgasm. There were different reactions with the five or six people in the workshops. Some were moaning and moving a lot, others were just breathing deeply with minimal movement. It varied from person to person, just like genital orgasms do.

She went to a laboratory where they monitored her brain activity during these thinking orgasms. Apparently, she is, indeed, experiencing an orgasm comparable to a genital orgasm. Barbara thinks this could change the entire idea of orgasms for so many people. People who have experienced genital mutilation or people who are intersexed or even people who think they can't orgasm at all can learn to have an orgasm with no genital touching.

I've heard of this before. People being able to come without touching themselves. I even tried it a few times. Maybe I didn't do it right. I mean, I got wet and turned on, but I also got frustrated. When I masturbate, the ultimate goal is an orgasm. I never really have a problem getting there and I'm almost always satisfied. I wonder if it would be the same way with a mental orgasm. I would love to experience it, to really see if I'm "capable" of coming without touching myself.

I still question it, though. I often compare other pleasurable things in my life with an orgasm. If I eat something that's good, but not amazing, I'll say something like "It's okay, but I'm not having a foodgasm or anything". Orgasms are the pinnacle of extreme pleasure and there's nothing like it. Could I achieve that without touching my clitoris? I guess I'd say I'm doubtful, but open.

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