Friday, July 8, 2011

What Turns Women on...

Hey, so, yeah. School is ruining my life and I've yet to actually write a complete entry. I have about two more weeks, though (and there's SEVEN tests stuffed into those two weeks) and then I'm back at my keyboard.

I read this quote by Dr. Northrup. I LOVE that she said this:

"In the instance of erectile dysfunction, it’s very well established the mechanism by which the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis and Viagra work is to enhance the flow of nitric oxide to the penile blood vessel. A woman’s pleasure turns men on and increases their nitric oxide naturally so that they don’t have to use a drug to get the same effect. A turned on woman is what turns on a man, if he’s heterosexual. What turns on a woman is life force in all its forms. A woman will be turned on with increased blood flow to the vagina by watching gay males, women together, or a man and a woman together. Men are more selective. If he is gay, he’s generally not going to be turned on by a man and woman together or two women, he’s turned on by two men. A man is not as multi-modal. Women are more erotically aroused in a more global way. We have to think of it not just as sex, not just as “get him up and get him off” because a happy, healthy woman uplifts whatever she’s involved in."